Value added module - Landscape Design (with 2 nd year MSBTE)

Landscape Designing is a profession that mixes both the arts and the sciences. Landscape designers contribute to the quality of human life in terms of improving the richness and beauty of our surroundings. Landscape designers are concerned with the design and development of land around a building (such as a hotel, commercial complex, educational campus etc) or open space (such as children’s play areas, public recreational places etc.) Landscape designers use a combination of skills.

They have to look into the natural elements and the requirements of use` Trends indicate that there will be increasing demand for Landscape Designers in the coming years. The course is structured in such a way that students can get an opportunity to design as well as execute the landscape projects with expertise and confidence.



    • Plant Morphology
    • General Theory
    • Plant Growth Cycle
    • Method of Regeneration
    • Herbarium
    • collection of specimen ,trees, shrubs

    Soil Cultivation Techniques

    • Soil
    • Climate
    • Manures & Fertilizers
    • Composting / vermicomposting

    Specialized techniques in gardening

    • Indoor & Basket Gardening
    • Bonsai
    • Rock and Miniature gardens
    • Theme based garden

    Care & Maintenance

  • Landscape Theory

    • Principles of Landscape Design
    • Components of Landscape Design
    • The Elements of Landscape
    • Hardscape
    • Softscape

    Landscape Garden style

    • Egyptian, japanese, Mughal gardens


    • Site assessment
    • Developing the site design
    • Civil Details , Services
    • Plantation / Holticulture plans


    • Site levels:-wall retaining , leveling
    • Lineout-plotting on site
    • CCivil construction
    • Fininshing & Planting of landscape

    Garden maintennance

    Professional Practice

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